Anna Totdahl

Investment Officer, ESG and Sustainability

Anna Totdahl is the Investment Officer concentrating on ESG and Sustainability.  In this role, she has sightlines across all asset classes, with the objective of identifying potential ESG-related risks embedded in the portfolio.  She works collaboratively with industry organizations, evaluates data providers, assesses ESG integration of asset managers and keeps current with the ever-evolving research and analysis within the space.

Anna joined the Oregon State Treasury in 2018 having spent over a decade managing investment portfolios supporting various insurance and retirement products.  As an Investment Vice President, she was responsible for portfolio management decisions for multi-billion dollar, highly diversified investment portfolios.  While at Prudential, Anna implemented an investment analyst training program and participated in the Group Insurance Separate Account Committee, providing oversight to investment manager selection and performance evaluation.   She was instrumental in creating an ESG working group – looking at the existing investment portfolio through an ESG lens, alongside the company’s $800 million Impact Investment portfolio.  She’s also held finance roles at US Bancorp, Goldman Sachs and Exelon Corporation.

Anna is a CAIA charterholder, holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and earned an MBA with concentrations in Analytic Finance and Economics from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

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Day 1: Sep 15, 2020

3:00 pm

3:00 pm


Best Practices for Refining and Optimizing your Impact and ESG Investment Policy

While institutional investors are taking advantage of ESG investment opportunities, there are many improvements they can implement to optimize their strategies. Take a bolder and more aggressive stance to deliver on your mission with the latest strategies in impact and ESG investment.  Advance your investment strategy through:

  • Refining best practices in your investment selection criteria, including impact and traditional investments
  • Expanding your assessment criteria to optimize all aspects of ESG and impact investment
  • Creating new opportunities by capitalizing on more varied asset classes

Take your impact and ESG investments to a higher level by refining your investment strategies

Day 2: Sep 16, 2020